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Speech Pathology

Flinders University Speech Pathology Service

The Flinders University Speech and Language Early Intervention Clinic is a private clinic run by Speech Pathology & Audiology in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. This service is an integrated part of the Flinders University Bachelor and Master of Speech Pathology Programs. Facilitated by students and supervised by senior speech pathology educators from the University, the service provides comprehensive speech pathology assessment and therapy services to children aged 18 months to 6 years. An individually tailored program will be developed to meet the needs of you and your child.

We provide block therapy which typically consists of an 8-week therapy block, followed by a home program and then a further 8-week block if required. A written report is provided detailing assessment results and management recommendations at no extra cost.

The cost is $40 per session

“Individual speech therapy for your child’s specific needs”

Our services

  • The service utilises a play-based approach and aims to support children's speech and language development and support parents/caregivers to understand how to support the individual development of their child.
  • Individual speech pathology assessment directed towards your child’s specific communication needs
  • Specific feedback regarding your child’s speech pathology assessment results, focusing on areas of oncern.
  • Joint goal setting between the parent and the student clinician to allow the parent to have a significant input into the communication program developed
  • Weekly individual therapy program based on your child’s speech pathology assessment results and identified goals for up to 8 weeks
  • Written speech pathology assessment report and written report of progress at the end of each block of therapy
  • Provision of a home program for each child to encourage and reinforce their progress for the duration of their therapy program and beyond.

How is the program run

  • Children participating in this clinic receive weekly speech therapy for up to 8 weeks, facilitated by a speech pathology student and supervised by the speech pathology clinical educator, regardless of the severity of the child’s speech and language difficulties.
  • This provides all participating children intensive individual speech pathology services targeting their specific area of concern for 8 weeks. A further block of therapy may be available and negotiated following a break after the initial therapy block.
  • Each child will receive one hour of therapy a week over 8 weeks during the program.

Appointment process

Children who access the Early Intervention Clinic will not lose their place on the waiting list for other speech pathology services. Parents may choose to access our clinic services for their child whilst awaiting the commencement of other speech pathology services, (such as NDIS or The Dept for Education speech pathology services).

The cost is $40 per session.

To place your child’s name on our waiting list, or to discuss the appointment process please ring the clinic on 08 7221 8700.