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Flinders University Midwifery Clinic

The best possible postnatal care for you and your baby

Midwifery Connect is a student led midwifery clinic overseen by experienced midwives. The clinic offers postnatal visits up until six weeks following birth for women and babies.  We aim to provide continuity of postnatal care through having the same student midwife and midwife provide the postnatal visits.

Appointments could include:

  • Health observations: for example, blood pressure
  • Postnatal observations
  • Feeding advice
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Neonatal settling advice
  • Support and reassurance
  • Education
  • Wound care
  • Baby weighs
  • Neonatal checks
  • Health screening

The Midwifery Connect clinic is in addition to postnatal services offered by the service you birthed at and does not replace domiciliary care, recommended GP appointments or the Child and Youth Healthcare visit. Midwifery Connect can commence postnatal appointments as soon as you have been discharged from the hospital home visiting service.


In addition to Health2Go, we also offer appointments via telehealth. You will have the opportunity to have a telehealth appointment in your pregnancy to introduce you to the service, meet the midwife and midwifery student that will be working with you. If you are enrolled in the continuity of care experience program with a student midwife, your student will play a professional role in providing care to you supervised by one of our experienced midwives.

Postnatal Care

Postnatal care planning appointments will take place at approx. 36-38weeks gestation. At this appointment you will meet the midwife working with your student, complete an intake questionnaire, learn about what the Midwifery Connect clinic can offer you and discuss your postnatal care plan.

The midwifery clinic will also have capacity to see women who have recently had a baby for a postnatal appointment you will be asked to fill in an online participant intake and consent form prior to this appointment.  Women can access the Midwifery Clinic until their baby is 6 weeks and 6 days old.  At the end of your postnatal care, we would appreciate your time to evaluate our service.

Please phone Health2GO on 7221 8700 or email us at health2go@flinders.edu.au to book an appointment for either an in-person or telehealth consultation.